What is the printing process

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    1. Plastic gravure composite process when choosing single-sided corrugated board production line, if the surface of paper printing is also needs be light membrane, and produce batch is bigger, can not on the surface of paper printing, and intaglio printing method in the end in gravure printing plastic film, and combined with white, zhongshan ou huacai printing packaging co., LTD., and then printed plastic film and the surface paper composite, first to the customary carton box molding process end system.

This process is characterized by:

    (1) carton manufacturing cost is low. When the production of large batch, this process can greatly reduce the printing cost of tissue and tissue data cost. Because the tissue does not need to print, so can choose non-coated whiteboard, so that the cost of tissue greatly reduced.

    (2) exquisite printing. Because the selection is plastic gravure printing, so the printing effect can be comparable to offset printing. Selection of the process needs to pay special attention to, in plate printing, to fully consider the scale of plastic film change and deformation; Otherwise, carton surface paper and the basic level of cardboard.

    2. Coated paper gravure printing composite carton process when the production batch is relatively large, do not need mulching, and the requirements of the printing effect, low cost, you can choose this process. The process is to first use paper gravure printing machine to print thin coated paper, and then the printing exquisite coated paper and general slag board paper or box board paper composite, as a whole paper box surface, and then to mount and normal carton forming processing. This process is characterized by:

    (1) carton manufacturing cost is low. The main reason for the decline in the cost of white board paper instead of low grams of heavy coated paper and cheap box board paper composite, reduced the cost of information.

    (2) exquisite printing. Paper gravure printing function is very sophisticated.

    In the domestic carton industry, three kinds of conventional corrugated box printing methods are more common, become the mainstream of corrugated box printing. And the new printing box, because equipment, materials, technology, operation and other technical hot spots have not been fully mastered, the investment is also relatively large, the promotion is still relatively difficult. But carton enterprises in order to improve the grade, reduce the total cost of the carton, obtain the maximum profit, increase the competitive advantage in the market, zhongshan ouhua printing packaging co.

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