2017 "Ohua" 10th staff Basketball League activity style exhibition

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   After the joint preparation of personnel department and other department staff, the 10th "Ouhua" Basketball League was officially held on August 21, 2017 in the company's stadium.

Cohesion gives birth to strength; unity gives birth to hope. Our slogan is: don't a

bandon, don't give up.

Ready to go, the referee read out the rules of the competition.

Team first, individual second. Friendship first, competition second. To respect our opponents is to respect ourselves.

Attack is the best defense and shows great skill.

Go all out and defend actively. Every team member is active in running and covering for his teammates.

The leaders of the Department commented and praised the basketball match, hoping that the participating teams should also carry forward the team spirit in their work.

After a week of intense competition, the 10th "Ouhua" Basketball League in 2017, with the concerted efforts of the players, United and worked hard, all the staff dedicated and enthusiastic service, made this "Ouhua" basketball game, the level of the game, the style of the game, and achieved a complete success.

Record things around you and spread positive energy.

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